Monday, 6 May 2013

The Creative Process - Statement Neck Piece.

Drawing on inspiration from the samples I created I began to plan a statement neck piece. 
This was to be the focal piece of the collection. 

Because I had never worked on any thing like this before, I wanted to plan the piece first to see how it would work, so I started by making a model in card and copper. 

I began by marking out the discs on the card.

Then cut these out...

...and domed them...

I used copper wire to create links to join the discs together. 

I joined two samples that I had created in metal to gain a feel for the weight of the pieces. 

I discovered that I really liked the way the card folded on itself when I domed it, and thought that it would be nice to recreate this effect in metal. 
I think that I would make the discs smaller than the samples I had created above.