Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Creative Process - Rings.

Drawing inspiration from two rings I made for my sustainability assignment I started to create two rings. 

I started by cutting out two discs from copper sheet, and shallow doming them. 

I first gave these a coat of black enamel and fired them. I then covered them in a coat of white liquid enamel. Once this was dry I scratched into the surface to reveal the black enamel underneath, some simple mark making processes. 

I then started to create bezel cups for these enamel pieces to sit in. 
I cut a strip from silver sheet making sure this fit snugly around the enamel disc. I then soldered this strip into a ring and soldered this onto a base of silver sheet. 

I then cut a strip from thicker silver sheet to create the ring band, and shaped it on the mandrel. 

I then soldered this on to the bezel cup. 
I then sawed four prongs into the bezel and set the enamel domes and used a pusher to push the prongs over the domes to secure them in place. 

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