Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Creative Process - Locket.

After the complications with the statement neck piece, I wanted to move on and begin working on something a bit more simple. 

I had an idea for a simplified locket, featuring my signature enamel. 

I began by cutting out two discs from my copper sheet. 

Once annealed I domed these two pieces quite deeply, and then filed the edges flat. 

Once the pieces had been in the pickle and scrubbed with pumice, I gave them a coat of black liquid enamel and fired. 

I coated the insides with white liquid enamel, (in this image you can see the granulation that  I soldered with enamel solder. I then attempted to coat the granulation in red enamel, but I fear the Colleges red enamel has seen better days, as it didn't really take, and so I left them black. 

I then connected the two pieces with a loose rivet, making sure to allow for sweeping motion so that the piece can be opened and closed, I made sure that the pieces didn't touch completely as a constant rubbing motion would result in the enamel wearing away. 

I started to create a bail, but my first attempt resulted in me ripping the ends when I drilled the holes in to it. 
My second attempt at a bail worked well, i then bent this over and used a smaller piece of wire, balled up at both ends to secure the bail. 
The locket was then placed on to a ball chain, and the whole piece was oxidised. 

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