Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Creative Process - Fold Formed Ring.

Having been inspired by the samples I made earlier, I wanted to create some pieces using fold forming. 

Unfortnatly, and is quite often the case with me, I forgot to take process shots of this ring. 

I will however explain the process I went through to achieve it. 
I began by cutting a strip of silver long enough for a ring. I then folded this strip in half length ways. 
I then used my snips to cut a shape into the strip. Once annealed I hammered the edge. I repeated this process of annealing and hammering a few times until I had the desired effect. 
I annealed again and opened the piece up, then I hammered it 'true'. 
I annealed the piece once again and used my half round pliers and hammering on a mandrel to shape the curl of the ring until I had the desired shape. 
I then placed the piece in the barrel polisher, this brought out a lovely shine on the ring. 

I'm pleased with this piece, I found wrenching it into a ring shape quite difficult, but once the desired affect was achieved I felt it was worth the effort. Despite appearances this ring is incredibly comfortable, and curls around the finger elegantly. 

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