Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Creative Process - Fold formed Neck piece

At the beginning of this assignment I was very interested in exploring the technique of fold forming. I took out a very interesting book from the library on the subject: Fold forming by 
Charles Lewton-Brain. In this book I found a really lovely form that I wanted to try. 

Once folding the metal pieces into triangles, these are passed through the rolling mill a few times.

They are then annealed and opened up to reveal these lovely, flower like forms. 

I could envision a necklace with these forms, so I gave them my signature coat of black enamel and them white, these enamelled well. 

I created a chain using large and small links. I hammered the large links flat, this was to strengthen them and create a nice aesthetic. 

I made wrapped loops for the forms to enable me to connect them to the chain. 

There are loops on the inside of the pieces as well, this allowed me to finish off the piece with three strands of red glass seed beads, with little white accents. 

I am very happy with how this piece has turned out. I'm enjoying the aesthetic contrasts between the beads and the chain and the forms. The main point that intrigues me about this piece is that every one interprets the forms in different ways, I find this interesting as this is the main ethic behind my work for this assignment. 

Overall I feel this is a successful piece, and it has sparked further ideas for development with these forms. 

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