Sunday, 5 May 2013

Enterprise and Professional Practice - Session one

On the 18th of April we had our first session for our enterprise and professional practise module. 

These seminar sessions are designed to get us to start to think about where we see ourselves as designer makers, and how our work fits in to our chosen industry. 

For this session we were split into groups of about six from cross disciplines and given a title with which to discuss. 
Our group was given "Promotion" and we discussed as a group what this word means to us. 

This is what we came up with. 

* Advertising;
*press releases;
* competitions;
*Craft fairs, galleries etc;
*Public realm;
* Sponsorship;
*C.V. (creative);
*Charity work. 

We felt that all these areas were of relevance when starting out in industry. 

I found this a helpful seminar in bringing together creative minds in a mass 'brainstorming' session. This can help us recognise the essential starting points when venturing in to the world of craft. 
Group sessions are useful as ideas can be bounced around and information can be passed on. 

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