Monday, 6 May 2013

Creative Process - Designing

I'm not really much of a drawer. I tend to get an idea for a design in my head and go right to working on it. 

However this can often lead to many mistakes, as I haven't planned out how a piece may shape up. 
To begin on this assignment I wanted to work the metal, to explore it's properties and use these explorations to inform my designs. 

I began by cutting out some samples in copper. 

and adding texture in different ways, such as hammering;

Using the rolling mill;

and using binding wire through the rolling mill. 

I then applied enamel to these textured samples to create interesting marks. 

These samples were created from copper blanks again, but I did not add texture. Here i concentrated making marks using stamps and tools. 

This process has helped me to gain knowledge in the application of enamel and different ways of applying texture to create interesting marks. 

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