Tuesday, 2 July 2013

I Have Moved!!

Hello all 

I've just stopped by to let you know that I have moved this blog over to WordPress 

I hope you will join me there 

Please Click HERE to find my new Blog 

Thank you 

Monday, 1 July 2013

New Earrings!!

So here are the results of what I was working on the other day...

I call these Autumn Earrings, as it's a design I've been pondering since last Autumn when I was working on an assignment for College. I was enamored by the changing colours and the decaying life around me, I saw the beauty in the last little bits of life. 
These are now in my shop HERE

I created these a while ago, I think maybe last year. The College had them for a bit as they went into a craft sale to raise money for the Craft area. I made two pairs and sold one, so I thought I'd put these into the shop too. 
Spacial Awareness Earrings, can be found HERE

Enjoy your day 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Back to It!!

Back to work today after having a few days off. 
working in metal

I got two pairs of earrings finished today, pictures and shop update to follow. 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Bovey Tracey Craft Fair.

On Thursday a bunch of us from the College took all of selected 2nd year students work up to The Contemporary Craft Festival. 

It was an incredibly long day, starting at 8am and getting home at about 9.30pm, however it was such a blast and just wonderful to see everyone's work together. 
It finally sunk in how big an opportunity this was for us, and I am so proud  to have my work sat alongside my talented peers. 
I took MANY!! images, I won't bore you with them all, but if you click on the link to follow me on Facebook, you'll be able to see them all. 

Me of course, ha ha!! 


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Work Shop Fun Time.

Now that assignments are completed there is some spare time available for play. 
I enjoy working on new ideas in this interim time before the College closes down for the summer. 
I've been working on some beads. 

Here they are before being soldered together. 

And here they are soldered and awaiting their enamel 

I had originally made six beads, but two I used as experiments, (which didn't turn out great), and four I created in this design, unfortunately the forth one ended up with the end of my round needle file broken into it :-( 
Never mind I have three to work with and I can always make more. 

I've decided to take the plunge and order a small kiln to work with at home. This will mean that I can carry on with my enamel experiments during the summer break. 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Work Selected for Bovey Tracey.

I'm incredibly happy and excited to announce that the work I have just completed for my latest assignment has been selected to appear at the Bovey Tracey Contemporary Craft Festival. 

Now in it's 10th year the festival showcases some of the finest talent in craft including ceramics, glass, textiles, jewellery and much more, it is an incredible opportunity for a student like me and I can not wait. 

Here is some of the work which will be appearing at the show. 

If you're attending the show, please be sure to check out the Student Tent where my work along with many of my very talented peers will be on display on the Plymouth College of Art stall. 
Hope to see you there!!